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By using the best available surveillance equipment and the most up to date  technologies Investigators Northwest have the capability to complete a successful reconnaissance either by foot, from a vehicle, or carry out covert close surveillance in buildings, bars or clubs.

We have the ability to complete a surveillance operation, obtain the required information or photography without the subject ever being aware of our presence. Protecting our identity as well as to maintain the anonymity and security of our clients is paramount to our organisation.

At Investigators North West we provide a full surveillance service to North West England carried out by carefully selected expert and professional surveillance detectives. All of our operatives are ex-security services or ex-armed forces, they are able to utilise their skills within both the rural, urban,  and suburban environments of North West England using both static and mobile techniques. So whether your situated in rural Cumbria, Kendal, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Liverpool, or Cheshire, you will benefit from our a high skilled, discreet surveillance service.

Surveillance Investigations

There are various components that need to be available for a surveillance operation to be completed successfully. These include common sense, good advanced intelligence, curiosity, patience and always operating with accuracy, due care, and attention to detail. Our investigators guarantee that we start your investigation without any delay, and build upon the tried and tested methods that we have acquired over many years.

Surveillance situations and circumstances are variable as is, the type of surveillance and equipment needed  Here are some examples of the surveillance work undertaken: See below Our Surveillance Services

Covert Surveillance Operatives

All of our operatives are ex-security services or ex-armed forces, they are able to utilise their skills within both the rural, urban, and suburban environments

Our Surveillance team members consist of male and female operatives with a wide range of ages, and from varied cultural backgrounds in order to best blend in any situation that may occur in the North West of England. We ensure that operatives are only given one assignment per day to further ensure that all observation tasks are carried out thoroughly by fresh and fully alert operatives. In addition to maintaining complete discretion under assignment, our operatives also ensure that the targeted individuals stay under continuous observation i order to capture the appropriate evidence.

Surveillance Reporting

All of our Investigators North West surveillance reports are fully detailed, focused and professional, and include imagery, video and audio files, when obtained. We also provide witness statements that can be used for court submission.


At Investigators North West we believe that proper preparation for an observation task is of utmost importance, as this is the best way to obtain the desired end result. The best way to accomplish this is through close client liaison. We believe that a client is usually able to provide us with the best starting point for intelligence on which we can then build. We will always fully discuss surveillance options with our clients before we carry out any instructions, and we can then propose the most ideal plan of action based on the circumstances & our knowledge and experience.

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