Family Issues

investigate-family-issuesFamily Issues are an extremely sensitive and occasionally very controversial investigations Service, which can be aggravated if confronted head-on. Securing yourself and your family is the primary focus in life and we can help you to resolve any concerns you may have with respect to your family members.

Frequently a family member whose activities would meet the disapproved of or  be deemed potentially harmful to themselves or other  family members, will often be exceptionally secretive in their actions. This makes the task of finding them out more difficult for those close to them, without being seen as meddling, particularly when trying to protect and help other more vulnerable members of your family.

Having managed cases which included deception, coercion, theft, drug abuse, and blind duping, we know that each case is different and we handle all cases with a delicate approach. Much of the time we are able to give you comfort and reassurance you need, from the information that we uncover, before the situation worsens.

The following list outlines some of the Family Matters and Domestic Investigations we are able to handle:

Family issues, Child Custody Investigations, Spousal Drug Use Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Place of Employment Investigations, Child Support, Estate & Heirs Investigations, Probate Cases, Potential Partner Investigations & Internet Dating Investigations