Matrimonial Affair

Having been instructed by our client to investigate her husband as she suspects he is having an matrimonial affair, we began a surveillance operation which quickly showed that our clients suspicions were correct and that her husband was having an affair. The client then came back and asked us to dig deeper into the affair, find out the females name, find out how long it had been going on, if her husband has any unknown financial commitments to this female.


We then set up electronic surveillance by embedding a software programme onto the husbands computer. At this point it should be noted that the installation of the programme takes less than 5 minutes and runs in stealth mode ensuring it is invisible from detection  providing complete transparency from a remote computer of all activity, E-mails, web browsing, downloads, passwords etc.

Through the electronic surveillance we found all the evidence required to more than satisfy our client. From his E-mails we found that her husband had been in contact with this female for more than six (6) years and that he was responsible for her mortgage payments for the last four (4) years, it was also found that the female was the mother of a three (3) year old child and that the husband was paying for her nursery place.

This software is also available for mobile phones for more info click electronic software surveillance