GPS/GSM Tracking

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GPS/GSM Trackers give you real-time feedback throughout a tracking/surveillance period.

GPS/GSM tracking devices can be deployed both as an alternative to or in alliance with surveillance in order to provide the precise location of a vehicle that is being tracked, within a matter of meters/feet. The devices are discreetly magnetically attached to the outside of the vehicle and therefore no access is required to the inside of the vehicle.

We have the ability to complete a surveillance operation, obtain the required information or photography without the subject ever being aware of our presence. Protecting our identity as well as to maintain the anonymity and security of our clients is paramount to our organisation.

The tracking devices are set up to automatically send an alert via email or text whenever the vehicle or object that is being tracked is moving or enters/leaves a specific Geo-fenced area. GPS/GSM tracking devices can be deployed very quickly and are available in various sizes with an extended battery life to suit all situations.

GPS / GSM Tracking panel including street-view providing accurate real-time intelligence

As every investigation is different and because of the delicate nature of what we do, before starting an assignment we will confidentially talk to you to assess your current situation so that we can fully understand your specific requirements. This will also enable you to understand how we work and in turn for us to give you a concise action plan, costs involved, turnaround time -and for you to decide whether you want to instruct us.

We offer packages for short or long term hire and access to all of our mobile and on-line tools, such as the real-time tracking panel. This will allow you to know the location of the vehicle at all times. You can set the number and time interval of the reports that are sent to you and we are able to give you constant support if you have any problems while the device is being used.

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