Employment Investigations

Employment investigations can reveal the reality, as all too often employers and insurance companies are seen as legitimate targets and as a result leads to loss of employers in the market or increased insurance premiums.

Employment investigations can cover a wide range of areas. For example the employee may still be employed and is suspected of causing business losses either by straightforward theft or business intelligence, the employee could also be on long term sick leave, simultaneously working with a competitor or maybe even running a parallel business of their own.

All of these situations are either undesirable or against the terms of their employment contract, and all break the bond of trust.

If there are doubts about the validity of an employee’s claim, then these should be investigated immediately to prevent further losses. Claims made by employees are sometimes inflated, fail on full disclosure or in the worst case false. We have experience in dealing with these issues and providing evidence which has reduced the employer/insurance companies financial liability.

Recently an investigation of an employee began when doubt was cast on their claim. They had stated that they were unable to work following an incident that occurred at their main place of work. In addition, the employee stated that they were unable to continue with other activities including that of a second self-employed role as an instructor. We obtained evidence to the contrary which demonstrated that this part of the claim was false.

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