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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

TSCM or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures originated in the USA and is the process of bug detection through processes of sweeping and counter-surveillance. It is of vital importance that your office, home, communication channels and movements are not being monitored as this may lead to a detrimental insight of your private and or business affairs.

In Car Dashboard Cameras

In car dashboard cameras have soared in popularity recently and offer the safe driver assurance that no matter what happens the events will be recorded.

Future Surveillance Technologies

Gathering information is a crucial part of any investigation, and an absolute must when investigating cases of matrimonial infidelity or insurance fraud, private investigation companies are usually quick to seize upon future surveillance technologies as they are released. A lot of these technologies are developed in the military arena, although they are initially very expensive mainly due to the… Read more »

Audio Devices

At Investigators North West have had a lot of clients wanting installation of Audio Devices in private premises and private vehicles, whilst installing in private premises you require a good place out of view to deploy the device in what ever room you require the device to record in, however when dealing with vehicles a couple of things need… Read more »

Miniature Surveillance Camera – Example Footage

Our miniature surveillance cameras whether hand held or worn on the body are of the highest quality and are regularly updated to the latest models out on the market guaranteeing you the clearest images available. These can be used in many scenarios and are very rarely detected when used by an experienced operator. Mini cameras offer you the… Read more »

Electronic Software Surveillance

In these days where technology permeates every way in which we both work and socialise it’s difficult to know what information is being exchanged, electronic software surveillance offers clarity and insight. Businesses and private individual can take steps if they believe that there is a potential risk.