Financial Background Check

Financial background checks can be carried out on individuals and businesses, they are usually carried out as part of due diligence or in advance of court action. The information can cover credit score, loan repayment history, bankruptcy, or tax liens and also provide information about any assets that are owned including property, vehicle and high net worth items by individuals or companies. Continue reading “Financial Background Check” »

Future Surveillance Technologies

Gathering information is a crucial part of any investigation, and an absolute must when investigating cases of matrimonial infidelity or insurance fraud, private investigation companies are usually quick to seize upon future surveillance technologies as they are released.

A lot of these technologies are developed in the military arena, although they are initially very expensive mainly due to the R&D expense, the cost soon reduces once they become produced in mass volume and the component parts are produced in countries with lower costs such as the far east. Continue reading “Future Surveillance Technologies” »


Most people know that human fingers can leave fingerprints on surfaces which is enabled via the secretions from the eccrine glands. These are markers to an individuals identity with the chance of another individual having the same fingerprint pattern at  1:64 million and as such is and has been used as a form of individuality for thousands of year. Continue reading “Fingerprints” »

Audio Devices

At Investigators North West have had a lot of clients wanting installation of Audio Devices in private premises and private vehicles, whilst installing in private premises you require a good place out of view to deploy the device in what ever room you require the device to record in, however when dealing with vehicles a couple of things need to be taken into consideration, if the vehicle is quite new  you can place the device any where, making sure you install away from the stereo speakers. Continue reading “Audio Devices” »

Child Custody Case

The following details a child custody case. The mother was concerned that the child’s father was possibly mistreating their child on weekend visits. A surveillance operation was scheduled to observe the father and child over the following few weeks. The father and child were were followed to an indoor children’s play area of a large shopping mall. This continued and regular reports were given to the mother. Continue reading “Child Custody Case” »

Miniature Surveillance Camera – Example Footage

Our miniature surveillance cameras whether hand held or worn on the body are of the highest quality and are regularly updated to the latest models out on the market guaranteeing you the clearest images available. These can be used in many scenarios and are very rarely detected when used by an experienced operator. Mini cameras offer you the opportunity to collect sensitive and covert material. Continue reading “Miniature Surveillance Camera – Example Footage” »

Matrimonial Affair

Having been instructed by our client to investigate her husband as she suspects he is having an matrimonial affair, we began a surveillance operation which quickly showed that our clients suspicions were correct and that her husband was having an affair. The client then came back and asked us to dig deeper into the affair, find out the females name, find out how long it had been going on, if her husband has any unknown financial commitments to this female. Continue reading “Matrimonial Affair” »