About Us

Our Investigation Agents

We are a highly trained team of Private Investigators consisting of individuals from ex Military, Police, Government and Law personnel. Coming from different backgrounds and with various life experiences, we can operate comfortably  in many diverse situations. Our agents have  specialist professional investigation knowledge good  networks and a high degree training in investigation methods. We have the correct team balance to successfully resolve most of our clients issues.

Our Investigation Methods

Our experienced Private Investigators gather the appropriate specific detailed information for the case in question, using reliable methods to achieve the objectives of an investigation. ensuring efficient case progress and speedy conclusion, saving both time and money. When necessary we collaborate with our network of contacts who consist of industry professionals, detectives and investigation specialists, if their particular skill set is required, to ensure that we deliver a successful conclusion to any case…. giving our clients the desired outcome.

We are members of the  Association of Private Investigators (API) and the World Association of Private Investigators (WAPI) and adhere to the code of ethics and professional standards as set out by the ABI. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissionaire’s Office) and diligently protect the information that we hold.

Our Equipment

Our surveillance equipment includes covert manned or unmanned vehicles , which can be deployed all over the North West be that Manchester, MerseySide or Liverpool. We use a wide variety of covert and overt surveillance equipment. Our covert equipment includes cameras which range from button cameras and hand held miniature cameras, to long range SLR cameras fitted with night vision. We also use remote location thermal imaging which can be used to relay imagery to mobile hand sets via GSM signals.

When neccessary , we can deploy covert (hidden) cameras in residential rooms or into house hold items. Our Investigation Operatives have the knowledge and experience of how to use surveillance equipment effectively to get accurate results that are required for adequate evidence . We can operate in almost any situation in order to gather the information that you require. This evidence is made ready for you as soon as you require it, in the form of up to date reports.

We also can provide you with ELECTRONIC SOFTWARE SURVEILLANCE with which we can track and monitor computers or mobile phones to give you a clear picture of the information and messages that are being exchanged. electronic software surveillance.  We employ Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) when you believe that you are being monitored or are the subject of an investigation. A TSCM or counter surveillance sweep will reveal surveillance equipment which may have been placed in your vicinity in order to uncover your activities. We are able to easily identify and remove any monitoring equipment such as wire-taps. We can also provide you with further assistance to help discover the identity of the responsible parties.

Example Casework

Here are some examples of recent casework:

Employment Tribunal Recently our client was in need of our assistance to prove that she was eligible for certain entitlements which her employer had refused her. We managed to prove her innocence and also discover that internal management had indeed forged documents. In court, once we had proved that the documents in question had contained falsified signatures, the lay judge ruled in favour of our client. A final ruling of constructive dismissal was declared and our client was finally able to receive her correct entitlement, a compensation payment, and retained an impeccable employment history.

Employee disputes

Employee disputes

Employment Theft One of our clients was experiencing a higher than normal shrinkage (losses) rate than in previous accounting periods in a number of their stores. Security guards were in operation, electronic tags were placed on items, and reviews of CCTV camera had not been able to reveal the source of the losses. We managed to place a surveillance operative into the workforce at one of the retail stores. It soon became apparent that a number of individuals were involved. Someone posing as a customer would enter the store and buy a number of low value items. As these items were being bagged, further higher value items that had been de-tagged, were added to the legitimately purchased items. The bagging took place out of view of the CCTV camera’s and the “customer” then departed.. The  shrinkage returned back to acceptable levels after the matter had been resolved, and the operation saved the company thousands of pounds of potential future loss .